Having studied astrology for over twenty years I wanted to find a different, original and expressive way of conveying this subject. Writing has been a part of my life since I was a child so it seemed natural to combine one with the other. They both get under the surface, exploring the subtleties and complexities of human nature. I hope this form of expression would appeal to readers more directly and to an audience too, since these poems also lend themselves to performance. I want to blend the creative and the astrological in one website, stimulating writers, astrologers, those who are neither and those who are both.

Astrology honours the power and potential of the individual and the sun sign symbolises the innermost nature of that individual. I wanted to show how both subjects can inspire and illuminate this basic inner force, motivating everything we do. I particularly wanted to emphasise the energy present in each sign and through my poetry bring them to life.

This is a painting by Johfra, of Sagittarius, the archer, a sign with great vision and a constant thirst for discovering more. Above him sits Jupiter who lights his arrows of inspiration with his heavenly fire. Below him is the ‘wandering wise man who lights the way of others with his lamp of instruction.’ (Quote from Johfra book translated by Jan Michael).

‘This is a travelling poem, this verse has wings,
it’s a spark in the dark, an adventure, a world full
of brilliant things. I shoot my arrow of exploration
into tomorrow and follow, I seek and I find. Where
I go I leave all the others behind. Always hot on
the trail of that elusive, eternal, Holy Grail.’

Part of ‘Further on than Beyond’ from Singular Voices.